7 en 8 juli 2018, Markelo, The Netherlands


EMX 65cc European Championship

EMX 85cc European Championship

EMX Women’s European Championship



Timetable zaterdag 07 07 2018


Timetable zondag 08 07 2018


Tickets / Entree:

Zaterdag Zondag Weekend
Vanaf 18 jaar € 5,- € 10,- € 15,-
12 t/m 17 jaar gratis gratis gratis
tot 12 jaar gratis gratis gratis

Tickets are only available at the track


Camping / overnachting

Direct naast de paddock is er een camping ingericht. Campinggasten kunnen gebruikmaken van de sanitaire voorzieningen (er is geen electra op de camping)

A campsite is set right next to the paddock. Camping guests can use the sanitary facilities. There is no electra at the campsite.

Ein Campingplatz liegt direkt neben dem Fahrerlager. Campinggäste können die Sanitäranlagen nutzen. Es gibt keine Electra auf dem Campingplatz.

Prijs: € 15,- per voertuig  /  Price: € 15, – per vehicle  /  Preis: € 15, – pro Fahrzeug


Welcome office / secretary’s office / camping


06-07-2018   08:00 – 22:00

07-07-2018   07:00 – 22:00

08-07-2018   07:00 – 14:00

Please follow the yellow signs: “Welcome Office”





Route to Circuit

Rijders / Drivers / Camping   (Welcome Office)

Adres: Herikeresweg 9, Markelo

Publiek / Public

Adres: Potdijk 9, Markelo


Pers / press Accreditation

Accreditation Terms for the FIM European Motocross Championship

7th – 8th July 2018, Circuit “De Herikerberg” Markelo, The Netherlands

Represented Media
First Name, Last Name
Personal Code
E-mail Address
1. The respective media contribution to the event

Reflection of the event before the races, indicating the link, which is reflecting the information

2. The respective media contribution to the event

Reflection of the event after the races, indicating the link, which will be reflecting the information

*Accreditation application of the represented media to be enclosed hereby

Filling of the questionnaire and submission does not mean the credentials validation.

The information of accreditation approval or non-approval will be sent to the specified e-mail on 28 june.

Send to: pers@motorcrossmarkelo.nl